Oferta STEICO – the natural building system

When you choose a technology for building a wooden house or a roof truss, it is worth
thinking about energy savings. Ecological timber construction is the future that starts today.
The STEICO system in Poland and around the world is very popular.

What exactly is STEICO system? Why is it worth taking an interest in?

Find out the details below!

STEICO – naturalny system budowlany

STEICO Technology

In Poland and around the world, STEICO is a technology that offers ecological and energy-saving building and insulation elements made of wood – i.e. renewable natural raw materials.

STEICO materials are used both in the renovation of existing buildings and in the assembly of new buildings – entire houses, roof structures or ceilings.


Our offer includes:

  • STEICOjoist I-joist
  • STEICO LVL laminated veneer lumber
  • STEICOprotect facade panels
  • STEICOuniversal over-rafter panels
  • Thermal insulation STEICOflex wood fiber mats

What is STEICO technology and what advantages does it offer?

If you choose the STEICO system, you can count on a number of advantages – a stable construction that ensures high thermal insulation and excellent workmanship. STEICO Poland is valued above all for its excellent insulation parameters, which bring real and long- term benefits.

STEICO materials offer:

  • excellent thermal insulation – the house is pleasantly cool in summer and warm in winter – without high energy consumption!
  • Soundproofing – Thanks to the insulating properties, the house is perfectly soundproof
  • low bills – the energy efficiency of the materials used results in a low cost of living in such a house


Homeowners who use STEICO products from Poland praise the ease of use – excellent thermal insulation reduces costs and the ecology of these products helps protect the environment.

Rely on a house that is pleasantly cool in summer and warm in winter, in harmony with nature!

technologia STEICO
domy w technologi STEICO

Houses in the STEICO system

Houses made of STEICO materials from Poland are characterized by a strong focus on maximum thermal comfort and the use of absolutely ecological materials, including natural wood fibers. This makes the roof insulation STEICO solutions used in Poland and Europe an extremely cost-effective solution.

Energy-saving wooden houses: Saving comes first!

Energy-saving wooden houses in STEICO technology are characterized by the fact that they bring enormous savings to their owners. At the same time, this is one of the main reasons why more and more people decide that roof insulation in Poland should be done in this way.

Thermal insulation and insulation: how does it work in STEICO houses?

Thermal insulation solutions from STEICO are multi-vector technology – they not only effectively insulate the interior of the building, but also protect against noise and moisture. If you are interested in efficient roof insulation in Poland, you are in the right place with STEICO insulating materials.

STEICO as building technology

As house building technology, STEICO relies on the best use of well-known natural thermal insulation materials. It is a natural and environmentally friendly solution that ensures the exceptional strength of the building while maintaining the stability of the thermal insulation. Houses of this technology can be built in any energy standard, which is their additional advantage.

STEICO products

When it comes to insulating the roof in Poland with the STEICO system, the choice of materials is crucial. We are talking about products such as the innovative STEICO wood wool or wood fiber thermal insulation boards. By using the products mentioned above, you can rely on an absolutely high level of thermal insulation and permeability in your dream house, which translates into real savings and living comfort.

materiały systemu STEICO
STEICOflex - elastyczna termoizolacja

STEICOflex: flexible thermal insulation

STEICOflex is a flexible insulation of the space between the structural elements of the stud wall, roof, wall and ceiling construction.

Houses insulated with STEICOflex wood fiber mats are well insulated. STEICOflex thermal insulation materials are not only characterized by excellent thermal insulation: They do not dust or scratch – they are pleasant to the touch. Their size is adapted to the standard post spacing for half-timbered houses in Europe. And that means virtually no material waste!

STEICOflex – wood fiber mats for insulating walls, ceilings and roofs

Every roof construction in Szczecin becomes extremely energy-efficient through the use of, for example, STEICOflex. STEICOflex 036 is characterized by a λD value of 0.036 – it guarantees the best insulation parameters that can be achieved by using materials of natural origin.

The combination of high material density and excellent thermal conductivity makes it the best thermal insulation material on the market.


What advantages do you have by choosing flexible STEICOflex thermal insulation?


  • Permanent protection of the structure
  • Realization of a healthy indoor climate
  • 100% match to components – waste reduction to a minimum!
  • Perfect home insulation


As you can see, the STEICO building system in Poland and Europe is much more than a comfortable house made from ecological building and thermal insulation materials.

STEICOprotect: soft wood fiber boards for plaster systems

In order for a comfortable microclimate to exist inside, the house must breathe and evacuate excess water vapor – you should know this. The structure of the half-timbered house guarantees that it will stand at least as long as a solid house. The STEICOprotect panel, which is not only available in Szczecin, is a solution that replaces the styrofoam paneling of the house.


What advantages does the STEICOprotect panel offer?

  • The product is stable and durable
  • Perfect thermal insulation properties in winter and summer
  • A perfectly soundproof house
  • The panel is open to diffusion, which means that the wall construction is permanently protected
  • A wide range of formats to suit your needs
  • Many construction details
  • Made from fresh coniferous wood – environmental protection guaranteed by CO2 enrichment

STEICOuniversal: Durable roof and wall protection with a rear-ventilated facade

STEICOuniversal is a wood fiber board that is hydrophobic throughout its volume and is attached directly to the rafters. It is the insulation of the roof: thermal, acoustic and, above all, wind insulation. No additional roof sheeting is required – the roof battens and the counter battens are attached directly to the rafter using the STEICOuniversal element and the roof tile attached to it! Roof insulation in Poland? Here you can buy it!


The roof construction is not the only area of application for the STEICOuniversal panels. It is used to cover the wall structure of a wooden house under the ventilated facade.


What distinguishes the STEICOuniversal Panel?

  • The product is ecological, without the addition of adhesives
  • Protects against summer heat – perfectly blocks the heat from outside
  • Reduction of thermal bridges
  • Additional soundproofing – noise from outside does not penetrate into the interior of the house
  • It is not necessary to use a windproof membrane

STEICO LVL wood steel!

STEICO LVL is a laminated veneer lumber with a very wide range of applications. It is stronger than BSH and KVH while maintaining excellent dimensional stability. Deformations such as distortions and cracks practically do not occur.

Thanks to the special production technology, the effects of knots in the element are negligible – the wood has the same mechanical properties along the entire length.


If you want to buy stable construction timber in Poland, we highly recommend using the STEICO LVL material!


Advantages of STEICO LVL wood:


  • A wide range of applications – from half-timbered house columns to wooden beams, lintels, ceiling beams and rafters
  • High availability of dimensions
  • Simple transport and assembly thanks to slim and stable cross-sections
  • The use of STEICO LVL prevents the structure from settling
  • Homogeneous and durable material
  • Large area = fewer connections
STEICO LVL - drewniana stal

STEICOjoist- joists made of wood

The roof truss, ceiling structure and walls of a wooden house require strength and stability, thermal bridges are an undesirable effect. The STEICOjoist carrier consists of feet made of laminated veneer lumber and the bridge made of hardboard.


STEICO I-Joists are light and stable, and their slender web section prevents thermal bridges in the structure. This leads to quick and easy assembly of the elements and an increase in the energy efficiency of the building.


STEICO offers a solution that will speed up the assembly of the roof structure or the entire house, thereby increasing its strength and stability!


What are the properties of STEICOjoist beams?

  • Durable material of the highest quality
  • Reduction of linear thermal bridges
  • Lightweight construction of the carrier facilitates work on the construction site
  • Very high flexural strength enables larger spans
  • Easy editing with simple crop tools

STEICO materials in Poland

Regardless of whether you are interested in a roof construction in Poland or thermal insulation in Germany – as experts for the STEICO system, we are always at your disposal. We deliver materials and build houses according to this system.

If you are interested in building energy-saving wooden houses or in insulating the roof construction, you cannot ignore the advantages of the STEICO system. If you want to learn more about it, to finally have your own energy-saving house in this technology – we are at the disposal of all residents of Europe.

Are you interested in STEICO products? Write to us - we guarantee exceptional prices!

What type of product are you interested in?

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